Update on the One New London Road Plaza

Please see the attached letter from First Selectman Lyden on the updates of the Plaza

September 14th, 2020

Re: Progress on One New London Rd

Dear Fellow Townspeople:

Progress has been made on One New London Rd; the property has reached zoning compliance.

We have met with Chuck Platz, owner of Statewide Pawn and have made arrangements to have him sign the proper paperwork now that the property has regained compliance.

The One New London Road property has been cited for several deficiencies in the last few years.  A cease and desist order dated May 25th, 2018 was served to the out-of-state owner.  Shortly thereafter the owner employed a property manager who began making slow progress in the deficiencies.  In June of this year, due to the deteriorating conditions of the property, our Public Works Department performed several necessary maintenance tasks at the One New London Road property.  A lien has been placed on the property for the cost of the needed maintenance that was performed by our Public Works Department.  The owner is continuing with and paying for additional maintenance issues.

All other commercial establishments in the business area of our town are in compliance and take pride in their well maintained properties.  We are fortunate to have them. Their well maintained properties are an asset to the individual shop owners and our residents.

I have hopes of One New London Road joining this list of well maintained properties in our business district.


Kevin T. Lyden

First Selectman, Town of Salem

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