Snow Removal

Street safety is the Town of Salem Public Works Department's primary concern during the winter months.  Public Works treats the pavement and removes snow whenever road conditions call for these services.  Residents should remember that all snow removal operations are performed under emergency conditions.  Our drivers work extended hours to ensure safe and effective snow removal.  Please help the Public Works Department by following the Snow Emergency Tips and Reminders listed below:
  • The Town of Salem has 44 road miles to maintain.  
  • Public Works is also responsible for clearing the Town Office, School, Town Library and Transfer Station.
  • There are several State controlled roads in Town.  Any road that has a route number is a State controlled road. (Routes 82, 85 and 354) The State of CT plows those roads.
  • Please remember that Public Works is not responsible for removing the snow created by plowing past your driveway.
  • Please move all vehicles off of the streets or cul-de-sacs during all snow storms that have the possibility of producing at least 3 inches of snow.
  • The Town of Salem is not responsible for the snow that accumulates around your mailbox.  It is the homeowners' responsibility to remove the accumulated snow from their mailbox.
  • Please place your garbage and recycling roll out containers beyond the edge of pavement or curb and NOT in the street.  Objects in the street are the biggest deterrent to efficient plowing operations.
  • Remove all basketball backboards from the Town right of way.
  • Never pass a snowplow or salt truck.
  • Never assume the snowplow drivers can see you.  Stay at least three (3) car lengths behind the truck.  It you cannot see the driver in his mirrors then he cannot see you either.
  • If you use a snow blower to clear your driveway, do not blow the snow into the street.
  • If you, or your contractor, use a snow plow to clear your driveway, do not push the snow into the road.