Doing Business in Salem

The Town of Salem

At the Heart of Southeastern Connecticut

The Setting

Salem is a quiet, rural community of over 4,000 residents with a heritage of agriculture, nestled among hills, wetlands and open fields astride the historic route between Hartford and the sea. Incorporated in 1819, it is peopled by friendly, caring, diverse and talented citizens who contribute to the manufacturing, arts, education and technology centers of central and southeastern Connecticut.

The Location

Salem is ideally positioned in the heart of Southeastern Connecticut. Geographically, Salem is centrally located on the Historic Governor's highway with commercial connections to Hartford, Norwich, New London, Willimantic, and other metropolitan areas in the eastern region of our state. Businesses located in Salem enjoy easy access to major interstate highways and state roads providing the transportation infrastructure so important to sustain developing business and industrial interests. Upgrades and expansion of this transportation infrastructure are already underway as regional economic development initiatives.

The Opportunity

Salem's business climate is ripe for development, with available land, existing commercial infrastructure, and industrial and commercial business zones targeted for growth. The Town welcomes new businesses who are good neighbors and who fit into the distinctly rural atmosphere of the Township. Salem features a beautiful countryside with many active farms, recreational facilities and a relaxed lifestyle. As a bedroom community for an increasing number of commuting professionals, Salem seeks responsible growth compatible with conservation goals. The Town supports existing business, offers available workforce resources, and is prospecting for new commercial and industrial enterprises.